Nesh Nxt 2016


The NESH-NXT Summit is a special annual Summit and Honors for Young Nigerian Entrepreneurs and it consists of a Conference and a Luncheon where exemplary young entrepreneurs are honored. We strive to teach aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with valuable resources and knowledge, which will set them up for success. Fun, creativity, teamwork, and real life experience are what will make NESH-NXT an asset to entrepreneurial minded youths.

The NESH-NEXT 2016 Conference comprised of a Main Plenary which deliberated on how Young Entrepreneurs could cope and grow their businesses during the economic recession, Roundtable Discussions on Export, Industry and Transportation, and a Panel discussion of experienced business role models.

The highlights of the NESH-NXT 2016 conference were the Panel Discussions on:

- Surviving and Growing your Business during a Recession;

- Export or Die; and

- Taking Research Institutes Innovations to the Market.


There was also Experience Sharing by Entrepreneur Role Models and a raffle draw for an international flight ticket sponsored by Arik Air.

The event was held at the Lagos Oriental Hotel.